Spring Fever-ish

I have mixed feelings about spring. Don't get me wrong, like most I am thrilled at the thought of warmer temperatures and actual sunny skies. It is nice to hear the sounds of birds chirping and seeing folks out on walks. It's all lovely.

But, and this will come as a surprise to very few of those who know me, I'm just not one of those fresh-start-hopeful-as-all-hell-yay-it's-spring-y'all type gals. And no shade to those of you who are. If anything I wish I had a little more of your eager spirit in me. I guess I have lived in the midwest long enough to know that our so called "spring" is truly about 2 weeks in between one final blast of winter and 90 degrees. Sad but true. 

Also, I am not one with nature. Like at all. I do love the sound of those aforementioned birds, as long as they stay very far away from me. Things grow in my flower beds in spite of me. I do not encourage them nor do I dissuade them. I do seem to be particularly adept at growing weeds. And, when it comes time for yard clean up, just...ugh. The bugs alone make me bitter. It's not my jam. 

As a fashion boutique owner buying for spring is one of the trickiest times of the year. The season immediately following holiday in the industry is know as "resort" or "cruise" because that was traditionally when people would go somewhere warm for vacation. It's a transitional season stocked with lightweight and neutral colored apparel and accessories that's meant to bridge the gap from heavy winter styles into spring wear. Now, in the real world today the majority of us don't go somewhere warm or anywhere at all this time of year and therefore don't really need warm weather clothing. In all my years of retail experience I never ever saw a resort season collection sell out. It's just hard to imagine ever needing to wear a batik print kimono in the middle of winter since January typically lasts about 90 days. 

I also am not a fan of how retail businesses look this time of year. There are sale racks crammed with leftover holiday sweaters and party dresses on one side, and lightweight "pre-spring" looks on the other. And sale racks in general just bum me out. 

I'm a late bloomer when it comes to stocking spring fashion in my shop. I'm a buy-now wear-now gal. And it's challenging for me to get into the mindset of stocking my racks with light weight, flowy floral springy printed apparel when there's snow on the ground and it's 15 degrees outside. I grapple with it every year. So, I have a tendency to bypass resort season and wait until spring is within arm's length before I finally cave and bring the coveted spring styles into the shop. 

So here we are in early March and I think it's safe to say that at the very least we are close to spring's arrival. The birds are beginning to chirp, the sun is making more than brief appearances and the winter clearance racks are almost empty (thank goodness).  And, yes, spring apparel and accessories have arrived at Home Girls and more is on the way! 

So stop in the shop or browse the website to snag some of our fabulous new goodies. And let's enjoy the 2 weeks of spring together...when it finally arrives.